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2023:MusicTT – Year in Review 

“I appreciate what MusicTT is doing. In terms of the different ventures that they are putting in place to try and help promote the music industry as a whole.”

Jerome ‘Rome’ Precilla / Entertainer/Radio Brand Manager

“I have truly learned so much from MusicTT’s Spotlight Program. The professional advice, guidance, knowledge and experience is something I will definitely take with me on my journey as a professional musician. It has taught me so much and I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have gained with the MusicTT team.”

Monique La Chapelle / Spotlight Artist

“I would like to commend MusicTT on all the work they have been doing on Artist Development and Artist Awareness. Getting them ready and creating a platform for a lot of the younger artists to get themselves into the space and get them to people like me.”

Keron ‘Sheriff’ Thompson / Producer

“MusicTT, I must say, from the Live Music District to the Spotlight Program has been amazing to me! I have done lots of performance and I have grown and through the Spotlight Program, it has made me an all rounder when it comes to being an Artist. Thank you MusicTT!” 

Sherisse Collymore / Spotlight Artist

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