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Artist Portfolio Development Programme (APDP)

Spotlight: Artist Portfolio Development Programme

Submission Info:

• To apply – email us at with the following:

  • Applicant’s Name
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Area of Residence
  • A short bio of your act together with all social media handles and respective links
  • Include a copy of your passport’s bio-data page (page in your passport with your photo and info)
  • Artist Manager’s name and contact info (if applicable)

Audition Evaluation Criteria:

  • Vocal Ability
  • Stage Performance
  • Local and Caribbean Influence in Music
  • Original Content
  • Brand Appeal
  • Collective Social Media Following

• Once your info is reviewed by MusicTT and you meet the requirements for the Spotlight programme you will receive (a doodle link) via email to choose a time slot between 1PM-8PM to audition in front of a panel of judges on Thursday 14th March 2019 with your choice of venue in Port of Spain, East or South (Trinidad). 15 out of all auditioning acts will be selected for the final audition.

• The FINAL AUDITION: Spotlight: Selection Showcase will take place on the evening of Thursday 21st March 2019. This event will feature a panel of music executives who will select 4 out of the 15 acts to enter Spotlight: An APDP Series.

***Must be 18 years and over

***Deadline for Submissions: 12 Midnight on Ash Wednesday (6th March 2019)

***Entry is open only to nationals of Trinidad and Tobago

***Unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged

APDP Cohort 1 at #musicoftt an APDP Showcase, Kaiso Blues Cafe.


About the APDP

The Artist Portfolio Development Programme (APDP) was conceptualized with the intention of refining a portfolio of musical artists annually who can be shopped to the world. Not all artists, however, are ready for the global stage in terms of quality and export-readiness. The APDP seeks to identify those who have international potential for export, grooming them to leverage their creative talent on the worldwide market. This model is not a one-shop-fit-all. Some may already be at a world-class standard but are in need of business acumen, legal guidance and the right networks. Some singers may be brilliant vocalists in need of performance training so that they can communicate effectively with an audience, and they may also need management.

Business Goals and Objectives

The objectives of this initiative are:

1. To provide access to artist development education and build capacity for export.

2. To ensure artistes receive globally competitive artist development training.

3. To create and leverage export-ready products.

4. To network and liaise with international industry professionals.

5. To acquire international contracts and deals.

6. To develop the local music ecosystem/cluster.

7. To change the cultural mindset of artists to one that is fully engaged and professional that is to say business oriented in the growth and implementation of their craft.

Project Approach

Every APDP cohort will have a life cycle of (1) to three (3) years. The cohort comprises 2 tiers: intermediate and advanced. An independent panel will collaborate with MusicTT in order to transparently select a predetermined number of full-time musical artists to be a part of the APDP. Artists will then be placed in categories within the APDP that will cater to their developmental needs. The categories will be: Intermediate and advanced.

  • Intermediate – In this tier, expert support will be provided to eligible artistes who have already acquired fundamental industry knowledge and has a body of work but requires a deeper understanding of industry workings and expansion of their networks. There will be 6 participants in this category. This is an annual programme.
  • Advanced – In this tier, participants would be required to have a proven track record of marketing, performance, business and recording success. The artist is vocally advanced and is well versed in the workings of the music industry. As part of this export support, MusicTT will assist in export networking opportunities at regional and international concerts and festival stages and tours. There will be 2 participants in this category. Participants will be chosen in consultation with MusicTT and independent industry stakeholders. This is a 2-year programme.


• On 7th December 2017, 24 artistes out of over 100 applicants performed in a Showcase for an independent panel of international executives, who chose the top 10 to enter the first cohort/pilot of the APDP. The artists: Daniel Griffith, Donald Job, Keoné, Renuka, X-A-vier, Candice Caton, Shannon Zerah Francois, DEZiiand Chinaka.

• In July 2018, MusicTT rolled out its customized training programme. Emphasis was placed on developing the artistes in both their craft and knowledge capacity. The APDP Cohort 1 artistes received the following training and services: vocal training; music theory; stage performance; artist branding inclusive of social media profiles, professional photography and artist biographies; knowledge capacity in entertainment law; and the business of music.

• On 27th September 2018, the APDP Cohort 1 was also in receipt of a private 3-hour networking Q&A in person (group) session with international multi-platinum US Based Music Producer Salaam Remi. Three (3) artistes of the APDP: Miss Renuka; Shannon Z. Francois; and Chinaka were hand selected by Salaam Remi to perform live at “The Show” at M Bar on Ariapita Avenue on 28th September 2018.

• 19th January 2019, at Kaiso Blues Café the 10 artists of APDP Cohort 1 performed at #musicoftt an APDP Showcase. 2 of the artistes advanced to Cohort 2.