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This is a REAL game changer for CREATIVES! In our new #RVRB episode with JMMB we’re chatting about innovative facilities available for creatives to access credit & funding. On Friday 10th Dec @ 1pm, join us on MusicTT’s Facebook/YouTube pages to hear why creatives should professionalize their business to reap benefits. Stay tuned till the

RVRB Experience

We gave you RVRB the webinar series, now it’s time for RVRB the experience!!! The first incarnation of the RVRB Experience will be brought to you via live stream featuring a variety of sessions that allow attendees to explore music trends, discover music companies, find out what’s happening in the Caribbean and the wider world

RVRB: Managing Your Solo Pannist

This RVRB session will take the form of a panel discussion with pan professionals, Johann Chuckaree, Joshua Regrello and Kris Murrell. They will share insights on what it takes to get started and have a successful career as a solo pannist. How to stand out as a pannist and remain competitive in the industry, lessons