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Indo Fusion Collab Stamps TNT Music on the Global Market

Indo Fusion Collab

Port of Spain, July 20 2023: The Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT) extends a hearty congratulations to local Indo Fusion band Kaveesh the Band for the release of their Bollywood-styled song, Tu Mujhe Mile (When you met me), with India’s Bollywood singer Alka Yagnik. This historic collaboration took place in June 2023 and the song serves as a melodious testament to the invincible force of love, overcoming barriers and obstacles in the paths of lovers.

The music video for Tu Mujhe Mile, starring Dianne Deonarine and Kaveesh The Band, can be viewed on YouTube. Kaveesh Maharaj and Alka Yagnik’s enchanting vocals blend seamlessly with the captivating musical composition of Karan Lakhan, produced by Ankusha Sharma and supported by Trinidad’s acclaimed Ravi Maharaj. The evocative lyrics, penned by Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay, narrate the tale of separated lovers. Accompanied by stunning visuals, viewers are taken on an emotional journey wherein Kaveesh is seen traversing various landscapes and seeking his love at every turn. The heartwarming story unfolds as he comes to terms with the fact that he cannot live without her, igniting his determination to reunite with his beloved.

“This is music promotion. This is music export. There are no language barriers when it comes to music. There is only feeling. Kaveesh’s collaboration with Alka is a huge win for the local music community. Collaborations like these often provide artists with the doorway to offer up their talent to a broader audience, thereby creating new fans and increasing visibility which can further translate to frequent paid performances and other forms of revenue generation” says Melissa Jimenez, General Manager, MusicTT.

Melissa goes on to express that “On the heels of RVRB X and this exciting collaboration, I hope to see more Chutney, Bollywood and other types of local Asian music make its way to the studio and subsequently to the palm of our hands through music distribution – with the TT-ISRC affixed of course. I also encourage artists and musicians to ensure their rights and metadata are in order so that they can take advantage of sync opportunities. On behalf of MusicTT I’d like to extend congratulations to Kaveesh the Band on their collaboration with Alka Yagnik. It’s a testament to their talent and hard work. I hope their collaboration brings them further success and opportunities in their musical journey.”

Kaveesh the Band, known for their remarkable fusion of Indian and Western musical elements, has emerged as a trailblazer in the Caribbean music scene. Their innovative refreshing approach and electrifying performances have won them accolades, establishing them as pioneers in the indo-western genre. With their distinctive style and infectious energy, Kaveesh the Band brings a fresh perspective to the music industry.

Alka Yagnik is a highly acclaimed Indian singer who is known for her melodious and versatile voice. She has made significant contributions to the Bollywood music industry and has been active for several decades. Alka Yagnik has lent her voice to numerous popular songs in Hindi cinema and has worked with many renowned composers and singers. Throughout her career, Alka Yagnik has won several Filmfare Awards, National Film Awards, and other prestigious honours for her remarkable vocal performances. Her ability to emote through her voice and bring out the emotions of a song has made her one of the most sought-after singers in Bollywood.

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