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Keith Kirk

Music Metadata Curator, Motif Music Services –

Dedicated music professional with over 15 years’ experience in the music business industry. I have developed a keen understanding of the music industry in relation to intellectual property rights, music publishing/licensing, metadata management and copyright as well as managing various aspects of digital media data within content management systems. I acquired technical data analysis and management skills through analyzing, quality checking and monitoring digital data from Universal Music Group label users as part of the digital supply chain process using the R2 internal content management system to ensure clean data delivery to DSPs such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Tidal etc.

At the International Copyright Enterprise in Berlin, Germany I used the CISnet music copyright database to prepare works for music rights societies following reported usage. Central to this role involved assessing royalty shares and resolving counter claims between publisher and sub-publisher. Later, I worked in the Sales and Content Distribution department at 21st Century Fox based in London on a data project. Moving on to Sony Music Entertainment UK, I was able to use my previous skills and experience to support internal departments such as A&R Admin and Digi Ops through the creation of ISRCs, transferring physical label copy to the GRAS system for new digital releases.