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Lauralee Laquis

The dynamic Lauralee Laquis has mastered the art of personal connection, enabling her to make an exceptional impact in the Creative and Communications landscape. The founder of a boutique branding and PR agency, L3 Creative, Lauralee is also well-known in Trinidad and Tobago as a multi-media host and broadcaster. Lauralee’s drive to advance the industry is evidenced by the pivotal roles she plays in various spheres, including production for television, events, and digital media, brand strategy, public relations and personal brand coaching. Lauralee’s experience was honed in New York City with a versatile array of top global organizations. Her vast network and industry savvy propel Lauralee’s proven track record of guiding her clients to exceptional levels of goal achievement. Lauralee has stayed true to her purpose of empowering and supporting entrepreneurs and creatives to enhance their lives, leadership, and legacy through personal branding.