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Melly Rose

Melissa St Rose – Bold, daring and impossible to ignore — welcome to the fresh exciting world of Melly Rose, an emerging artist currently making her mark on the global music scene. Her sound defies genre by fusing a furious flurry of different styles together to create something new and distinctively hers. From pop-perfect hooks to soca and afro inspired rhythms, fans of all musical persuasions will find something to enjoy in her slick selection of evergrowing tracks. Melly Rose is also an entrepreneur with her own digital marketing company. To date, she’s put out a steady flow of well-received releases that have seen her grow a small but dedicated following worldwide. From Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa all the way to Dubai and the USA, she’s performed all around the globe. Even getting songs featured on top-tier media channels like BET, MTV and New York TIMES. She’s been singing since the age of just six and studied professionally alongside classical greats such as BSO and Josh Groban.