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MusicTT Proudly Supports the Caribbean Music Awards

Port of Spain, August 10, 2023 – The Caribbean music world is abuzz with excitement as the Caribbean Music Award announces its historic event. This occasion marks a significant milestone in recognizing Caribbean music artists in a grand and glamorous way, that lends itself to global validity and recognition. The Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT), is thrilled to announce its support for the launch of the inaugural Caribbean Music Awards produced by the Caribbean Elite Group. This event is geared to recognize and celebrate the exceptional musical talent across the Caribbean region. The Caribbean Music Awards will be hosted by Haitian rapper and three-time Grammy winner Wyclef Jean. Soca singer, producer and songwriter Machel Montano is also set to receive a Lifetime Achievement award on the night.


The Caribbean Music Awards, set to make its debut on August 31st at Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, New York, and aims to spotlight the diverse and vibrant musical landscape that the Caribbean has to offer in a profound way. Music awards hold a paramount significance as they provide a dynamic platform to honor and showcase the exceptional talents of artists, composers, producers, and industry professionals. These accolades not only shine a spotlight on outstanding achievements but also serve as a catalyst for inspiration and artistic evolution.


“Music awards serve as a bridge between artists and audiences, fostering a connection that transcends boundaries and cultures,” stated Melissa Jimenez, General Manager of MusicTT. “As a key stakeholder in the growth and evolution of the T&T music scene, MusicTT believes that acknowledging and celebrating exceptional talent is pivotal in nurturing a vibrant and diverse musical landscape. In 2022 MusicTT was able to support 5 artists to attend the Marlin Awards in the Bahamas where T&T received 136 nominations total in 43 out of 54 categories and brought home an unprecedented 18 awards. MusicTT has also been a proud sponsor of the T&T Gospel Music Awards since 2019 and have also assisted smaller aspiring music award events like the Urban Music Awards and others. We are excited to support the Caribbean Music Awards in any way that we can and celebrate the immense musical talent that resides within our country and our region. This joint commitment to elevating Caribbean music on a global stage will undoubtedly lead to a more vibrant, interconnected, and prosperous music industry for years to come. We look forward to celebrating with our locals, diaspora and extended Caribbean family.”

The Caribbean Music Awards will encompass a wide range of awards spanning 26 categories across a range of genres, including reggae, calypso, dancehall, soca, kompa and zouk, ensuring that every facet of the Caribbean’s musical prowess is celebrated. The event will also serve as a platform to highlight the cultural significance of music in the Caribbean, fostering pride and unity among the diverse nations of the region.

MusicTT invites music enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the public to join in celebrating the inaugural awards ceremony which will undoubtedly be a momentous occasion, celebrating the Caribbean’s exceptional musical legacy and propelling its future to new heights as the Caribbean’s musical excellence takes center stage.

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