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MusicTT & TEMPO Elevate Music Video Standard in T&T

The Trinidad & Tobago Music Company Ltd. (MusicTT) in collaboration with TEMPO Networks, hosted a three-day workshop for local music practitioners with the aim of elevating the standard of local music videos in keeping with international best practice. The Making the Music Video Workshop took place October 2nd – 4th at the Cascadia Hotel.

According to MusicTT General Manager, Jeanelle Frontin, “Music videos were initially approached as purely a promotional tool for recording artists to increase revenue generated from record sales. With the modern music industry revolving instead around digital platforms, dominant revenue sources for artists are derived from touring, merchandising and endorsements. In music videos, brand and product placements have become the most major addition, with artists and labels benefiting monetarily from such deals. Artists must therefore refresh their perspectives on the prospective power of music videos; this tool should also be seen as a possible way to acquire income, rather than just to promote a song or themselves. Thus, it is important to not only understand the technical/production aspects of making a great music video, but also the business, marketing and distribution. The Making the Music Video Workshop provides three days of exactly that, with both theoretical and practical learnings to be gained.”

The workshop was facilitated by two international award-winning producers from TEMPO Networks, Ron Elliott and Russell Santos as well as TEMPO Trinidad & Tobago Country Manager and Director of Talent & Artist Relations, Arita Edmund. These industry experts shard their knowledge and experience on various topics including key elements that comprise a successful music video (creating a storyboard, production design, legal and logistical considerations, etc.), artist development, marketing, distribution and relationship management.

The workshop also allowed participants to apply their new knowledge to the production of a local music video that is co-directed and co-produced by the facilitators. This video premired on TEMPO’s Cross Caribbean Countdown.

MusicTT is a subsidiary of CreativeTT and is mandated to stimulate and facilitate the business development and export activity of the music industry of Trinidad and Tobago to generate national wealth.