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National Stakeholder Engagement and Key MusicTT Implementation Projects

The National Stakeholder Engagement and Key MusicTT Implementation Projects was hosted by MusicTT on Monday, 30thOctober at Queen’s Hall, St. Ann’s at 5:00 p.m.

This event served as the platform for information and discussion on the four flagship MusicTT projects which will advance the sector in this fiscal year. These projects include Trinidad and Tobago’s first Live Music District, the Music Tech Platform, the Artist Portfolio Development Programme and its Music Export Academy.

Live Music District: The creation of Trinidad and Tobago’s first Live Music District is a key initiative being undertaken by MusicTT through the Ministry of Trade and Industry in order to address some of the challenges presented by the majority of stakeholders. These include limited access to music spaces for music creatives as well as securing performances year-round i.e. outside of the Carnival season.

The Live Music District, as a creative, cultural and entertainment hub, will attract visitors to Trinidad and Tobago, therefore creating opportunities for jobs and revenue generation. It also promotes and assists in policing and regulating an area with a high concentration of businesses and activity from a particular sector. In some cases, the designation also attracts other businesses into the area.

Artist Portfolio Development Programme: As an export initiative, the APDP focuses on those artists who are evaluated to be on the cusp of export-readiness but need specific capacity developing in areas such as music business and entertainment law training, brand and artist development, pitching strategies, developing business and marketing plans, developing robust online presence, monetizing music IP, etc. All training will be done through the Music Export Academy (explained below). This will be a yearly initiative, with cohorts for each year being transparently chosen by international, independent industry executives at a public music showcase.

Music Export Academy: As a part of the Artist Portfolio Development Programme, this Academy will train the cohort in the exact knowledge and skills they need to crossover into export. This will possibly include training, consultations and workshops as per the needs of the participants. Some of the wider sessions will also be open to other suitable music creatives.

Music Tech Platform: In an effort to bring together all the missing pieces and disconnected parts within the music sector, MusicTT will begin the first phase of the development of a Music Tech Platform that will house everything one needs to know (and where to go) for the entire music sector. This interactive, and educational, platform will encompass every Ministry, Agency, CMO, performance venues, music-related service providers, digital platforms, etc. Additionally, it will allow artists to track their own radio plays, real-time.

These projects will assist in transforming the sector into a commercially sustainable industry in the long-term.

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