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Nigel Thompson

Is a Cinema Director, Editor, and Producer . 23+ Years in the industry has taken him to various corners of both the Television and Cinema world. In the early 90s, Nigel rose to prominence as an editor, traveling around the Caribbean freelancing for various clients and production companies. During this period he developed his skill set as a visual effects artist which added an extra touch to his post-production work. By The early 2000’s he transitioned to directing and building his reputation of having a powerhouse Production and Post Production team with unmatched creativity and knowledge of the industry, furnishing clients like BET, BBC, NP, and BP to name just a few.
Winning many advertising awards over the years, Nigel is a major player in the Caribbean cinema industry who has helped raise the bar for quality cinema work in the region. Nigel has evolved into a world class director, who can fit into any storytelling mode, bringing ideas to life in a very unique way.