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Although her professional career is just at its start, Alethea’s resume is one of substantial length and accomplishment. Singing since she could first speak at the age of three, Alethea bathed her childhood in music with various accolades under her belt in New York, Australia and Trinidad. Of particular interest are placements in West End Presbyterian Junior Choir, Yamaha Keyboard Music Festival, Novice Category with countless more in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Alethea has been schooled and mentored by such local and international talents as Tania Kirk, Sheldon Morales, Lenore Mahase – Samaroo, while spending her adult years affiliated with staples of the local music industry like Charles Brunner Music School, Prestige Vocal Academy, Brian MacFarlane's "Christmas Joy. Most recently she has been chosen to be one of MusicTT’s Spotlight artists and has been featured on their latest EP, with her own solo record eyeing a release in the coming months. Management:
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Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago
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