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D Psalmist


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Sean Ricardo Daniel is a gospel singer and worship leader. He was born on June 20th 1975 and began singing calypso at the age of twelve. He faithfully attends Faith Revival Ministries, where he was mentored for over 30 years by Apostle Bertril Baird. In 1997 he recorded his first single, Pan in Heaven, which took him to national status. By the release of his first album Divine Soca, Sean's ministry took on a new momentum.

He entered many arenas and won Young Kings Calypso Monarch” and “Stars of Tomorrow Calypso Monarch” in 2006. He became the first Gospelypso finalist in the “2007 Calypso Monarch” (Dimanche Gras) with No Ring No Ting and in 2010 with God is Love. He has received many accolades including, 2 Flame Gospel Awards (Barbados) for best new foreign artiste, Sunshine Award (New York), Eight Marlin Awards (Bahamas), recipient of the Gold and Bronze medal at the “2006 World Championships of Performing Arts” in Hollywood California, eight NJAC’s Stars of Gold Top Twenty Calypsos of the Year Awards, and several other local awards. He has released seven albums and is currently working on his eight. Many of his recordings became instant hits such as, He took it away, Character, One a Day, Numbers, Waving Ting, All Inclusive, Arise O Lord, Cover Me, 
True Government, No Ring No Ting, God is Love, Magnet, Peace Seeker, Forevermore, Bright Side and his latest release, Dios Mio.

He has traveled extensively to over thirty countries and across four continents. He has been involved in Kensington Temple’s Nottinghill Carnival Outreach Program in England for more than ten years. His mother Mrs. Daniel, elder brother David and twin brother Shane, have closely supported him throughout his ministry and career. His wife Venessa continues to be a pillar behind the scenes. He has been married for the past 17 years and has a 15 year old son, Christian. Sean Daniel also known as "the Psalmist" in the secular arenas, can testify to a paradigm shift in the church especially in the Caribbean while promoting the gospel in song. He not only wants to remain a biblical and spiritual voice to the nations, but also present Jesus Christ to the world, not as a religious leader, but as an intimate friend.
Born again, serving the lord since the age of 10, over 35 yrs ago.
2. Married 19+ yrs to Venessa Marina Daniel, with one son, Christian Jeremiah Daniel.
3. Ordained Minister at Faith Revival Ministries in El Dorado Tunapuna.... (President and founder, The late Dr. Bertril Baird).
Member since 1990,
Fellowshiping since 1987.
4. Youth Leader at the church
5. Worship Leader there since 1990
6. 1st Recording done in August of 1997...Pan In Heaven.
7. Seven albums....working on the 8th
8. Over a dozen international awards from Barbados, New York, Bahamas, England, South Africa, Isreal, Los Angeles California.
9. Travelled to over 40 international destinations.
10. Trained First Responder/Emergency Medical Technician.
11. Recieved over two dozen local music awards over the 24 yrs of recording music.
12. Sings in 12 different genres of music.
13. Young King winner 2006.
14. Three time finalist in the Calypso Mornarch/Dimanche Gras.
15. Speaks fluent Spanish.
16. Believes in the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit....that they should be flowing in abundance in the life of every Believer!
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El Dorado Tunapuna
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