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Demika Steelpan



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Initially an athlete, Demika's love affair with music did not begin until her late adolescence. Music soon redirected her emphasis and served as a catalyst for her professional growth. She enrolled in the Department of Creative Arts at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine and graduated with honors with a bachelor's degree in Musical Arts. She is well-known for her abilities as a vocalist, marimbist, pannist, and multi-percussionist (learned under the direction of Dr. Jeanine Remy and voice with Mr. Jessel Murray). In 2009, Demika embarked on a tour of the Caribbean and the United States with the UWI Arts Chorale, singing for dignitaries and at numerous significant cultural events.

She toured for the majority of her time at the university and thanks her professors for providing her with such an opportunity to study and experience life during her studies in music instruction, which she completed in 2015.
Demika is noted for her heartfelt performances, a keen ear, an eye for detail, and her reassuring professionalism as a performer. She is a sought-after steelpanist/vocalist for the Aida Cruise Line, with whom she toured the Caribbean from late 2022 to early 2033. She would be renowned as the "Caribbean Queen" for her sparkling flair and Trinbagonian spirited sound.

Her famed past performances at her debut percussion recital in 2015, 'Becoming Me,' earned her national attention as she was labeled one of Trinidad and Tobago's Diamonds in the Sun,' and she was subsequently invited to be a guest performer that same year, under the Ministry of Culture and the Arts. Demika has also performed as an adjunct percussionist with the National Steel Symphony Orchestra and as the primary percussionist with the Trinidad and Tobago Piccoplat opera theater. She also continued to provide percussion for Brian Mac Farlene's 'Christmas Joy,' Must Come See Productions, and JCS Productions. Demika continues to look to the future with optimism and openness, pushing herself to achieve and become everything that God desires for her divine destiny.
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