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Dj Sheriff


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Dj Sheriff is base in Trinidad & Tobago and entered the Entertainment industry in the year 2000 as a Mike Man and Radio Co-Host, then became a foundation member of the Dynasty Crew, but parted ways in 2002 to build on his own personal Brand. In quick time he was one of the Most Sought Deejays in Chutney & Chutney Soca Events in the Island. Dj Sheriff was the Official house deejay and Event Coordinator for Local clubs which included: Shipwreck, Club India, Triangle, Passage to Asia Events, Betterdeal Supermarket, among many others, in 2008 he entered the Radio in full with the then Win Radio/TV brand in addition to being their Events Coordinator & also walked away with the Chutney Soca Dj of the year for 2008,2010 & 2012. Dj Sheriff also took in to Management of several local Chutney Soca Artists inclusive of Ki & the Band (Triveni), Reshma Ramlal, Rick Ramoutar & many others including the Daughter of the Ever Popular Kanchan which is Nisha Sha who lives in Mumbai, India. Sheriff also joined the Street 91.9fm family on the request of Iwer George for a 4 yr. Stint (2015 -2019) & also started with the rebranded 101.7fm in 2018 to present to which he is presently the Program Manager/Sales Supervisor & Marketing Planner. Sheriff also hosted & Coordinated some the Biggest Chutney Shows in Trinidad & Guyana for several years to present inclusive of Chutney Soca Monarch (2016-2020), Music to the World & Clash of the Titans (2011-2019). He is also known as crowd pleaser when it comes to crossover fetes and Boat Rides the latter to which he is high demand. Presently Dj Sheriff is looking beyond the Pandemic and is formulating strategies for the Future.
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Trinidad and Tobago
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