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Joeane Archer


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Joeane ”Jo” Archer (born March 13th, 1989) is a Singer, Songwriter and Music Video Director. Most strongly associated with the reggae, pop, R&B and gospel genres.
“Jo” is from Trinidad & Tobago, and lives on the picturesque island of Tobago in the village of Bloody Bay.
As a child, Jo Archer often sang to express her emotions and thoughts.
Her vocal talent was discovered when she was twelve years old by her mother, who overheard her singing in the bathroom. Her mother later motivated her to join the community youth group choir and the secondary school choir.
Her natural inclination towards music made her pursue a Professional Certificate in Vocal Production and Song Writing at the World’s renowned Institution, The Berklee’s Online College of Music, which landed her the Celebrity Scholarship. She is currently pursuing a Diploma in the Music Industry at The Point-Blank Online School of Music and she is also currently pursuing a professional course in motivational speaking.
Inspired and influenced by the legendary Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Jessie J, Alexandra Burke, Celine Dion, Ed Sheeran and gospel singer Lauren Daigle
The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated inability to perform on stage, the extra time on her hands, didn’t make her sit idle but inspired and encouraged Jo Archer to start writing her own music, beginning with some uplifting reggae tunes, and later also several gospel and R&B songs.
From 2019 onwards, more than 40 songs were written, recorded as demos, and are presently (August 2021) in different stages of completion.
Jo Archer describes herself as a music enthusiast, who believes music should come from the heart.
One of her daily quotes are “Before the reward, there must be labor “. She is open to explore all opportunities as far as her career and talents take her.
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