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Karline Brathwaite


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Karline Brathwaite is an avid practitioner and consumer of the creative and performing arts. Karline's drive for excellence and professionalism distinguishes her engagement and product as a performer. Karline has trained and competed successfully in various genres of dance such as classical ballet, contemporary and latin. She has graced several stages within the region and around the world such as the United States of America, Hawaii and Uganda to name a few. She copped the judges' pick commendation at the popular international dance competition, World of Dance, in Los Angeles in 2018. In her role as coach, Karline trained three dance teams and successfully represented Trinidad and Tobago at the World Salsa Summit in Miami in 2020. As a foundation member of the IBIS T&T performers, Karline takes pride in the unique style of dance theatre produced by this company representing South Trinidad. They own they stage as storytellers through a unique marriage of dance and drama. As she continues to develop as a performer, Karline hopes to use her experience and love for the Arts to nurture a culture of wellness and healing in the lives of others.
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