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Kemi Ible


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Musician and Educator
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Kemi Ible started music at the age 3 years learning Piano under Dr. Patricia Dardaine - Ragguet. At the age of 11, she moved with her mother and brother to Azerbaijan for two years. From there music was a first love and there she picked up guitar and began her journey of being self taught.

Upon her return she was enrolled into the International School of Port of Spain, where she continued her music studies, mastering her skills, and expanding her musicianship to drums, cuatro, vocals, bass guitar, classical guitar, steelpan and other instruments as well.

Known to many as a multi-musician, and multitalented individual who is a music festival winner, teacher, arranger, author, and composer. Plays a variety of styles inclusive of parang and calypso/jazz.

She is an avid performer having worked in both studio and stage. Her studio works include, “Road Trip Reloaded- Machel Montano” playing both guitar and bass.

She has pursued an Associate's at COSTAATT, completed her Bachelors Degree in Musical Arts and her Master’s in Education- Inclusive and Special Education at the UWI.

Kemi currently owns and hosts her podast "For the Most Part". It is a social commentary about music business and the current mindset of local musicians across the Caribbean.

At present Kemi is an active member bands such as Nutrien Silver Stars, Dominant Seventh Calypso Jazz Band and Los Diamantes.

Kemi believes that 'Music connects each and every one person together', and through her Podcast, and music school, Studio, her goal is to give people an opportunity to not just learn music, but walk away with a deeper appreciation for what most would consider to be the Performing Arts.
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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
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