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Calypsonian/Entertainer/Composer/writer COMPOSITIONS PERFORMED 1972 *Granny say 1973 *Sing a Calypso 1976 *Long Time Calypso 1977 *Willie Dynamite *Tata *Carnival 1978 *My Name Is Calypso *The First Time 1979 *Democracy 1980 *Mr. Government 1981 *Vote for Change *Census Taker 1982 *Beauty Queen *Christmas Thing 4 1983 *Productivity 1984 *Baby Life *Smart Man Is King *Kaiso Jumbie 1985 *English Language *Man’s Destruction 1986 *Attitudes *Elaine’s Datsun 1987 *Cricketics *Culture love *We Kork 1988 *Budget Terms *Trinbago *Save Something 1989 *Big Bussy Gal *Gi De Woman Wey She Want 1990 *Why We Lose *Asesinar En La Tinta *Reality 1991 *Think Again *The Interview *Victim 1992 *Law And Justice *Just A Mater Of Time 1993 *Hang Them *T&T I Love You 1994 *Good Driving *Licensed Firearm 1995 *Smokey and Bunty Boys *Change The System 1996 *Tassamania *The Juice *Let’s Celebrate 1997 *Toilet Style *Playing Mas 1998 *Pack Yuh Bag *Shame On You 1999 *The Good News *Wo Yo *Payola 2000 *Under De Pigtail *Better Than That *Who See *If Was Me *Christmas Wine 2001 *Jamoo Woman *Panorama without Kitch 2002 *African Drums *Ann Marie *Bang Bam Jamaican *Ah Feeling Shame *Good Morning *Papa’s Pan Jam 2003 *No War *Breaking the Deadlock *Commitment to Pan 5 2004 *Perfect Vision *Decide (what side yuh on) 2005 *Ode to Valentino *Stop the Race 2006 *Kaiso Kaiso *Check the Foundation *Pleased to meet you *Unofficial Integration 2007 *How free are we *Victory in Germany *We love them *The Recipe *Curry Duck *Lets Come together *On the Road *Sweet Chocolate 2008 *Do it Nice *PNM Have it Easy 2009 *Mr. Boom Boom *Dog Bite 2010 *My National Pride *Tribute to Duke 2011 *Elders Failed the Youths *Hoping and Praying *Scratch it 2012 *Big Man Fall *The Admired Politician ⃰ Fifty-Fifty 2013 *Satt’s Philosophy *Go boy Go 2014 *No Guns No Weapons *Gone Forever *Dey Lie 2015 ⃰ Nothing eh Wrong ⃰ Jesus Loves You 2016 ⃰ Same Sex Marriages 2017 ⃰ Ghosts 2018 ⃰ Blast The Trumpet *Champion Jereem 2019 ⃰ Old School ⃰ One for De Fosto 2020 *Cantankerous *Oh Geed Watson *Sin is Sin MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS
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1308 Papourie Road, Lengua Village, Princes Town, Trinidad.
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