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POP on the ROCK


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Established in 2021, Pop on the Rock emerged as the return event of pop/rock/alternative/modern rock music back to the Anchorage after many years. Held at Rock Back by the Bay, on June 5th 2022, it was an instant hit.
It featured the bands: RETROBASE, THE ANARCHISTS, SHOCKWAVE and MICHAEL O'BRIEN & FRIENDS. Along with a special appearance by CHRIS GARCIA. The event was also broadcasted live on 95.1fm radio.

Shows thereafter followed under the Pop on the Rock management and a small team of artistes, was "The Sounds of Lilith '' Show on 28th August 2022 at Grub Garden in Macoya.
It featured a female fronted experience by:
Shay of the Shay Greys, Arryana with Gras Project, Rai Hana with band, Luna & The Electric Norm, Tamara Chatar with her band Leviathan and Cait with Retrobase. Hosted by Amanda Elliot of HOTT 93 fm radio.

In October of the same year, "ROCKTOBER" was created and initiated at Planners Sports Bar on October 1st 2022. It featured the live performances of:
The Orange Sky, The Imaginary Friends, X-Stynx and Code Black.

We now, in 2023, present on Saturday 26th August, the return of 28 year old veteran band "E.P.I.T.A.P.H." after their hiatus since 2018, with a new lineup and yet still 3 person band. The show "THE HOUSE OF ROCK" promises to engage the fraternity of long-time and new age rockers to join and witness a band with numerous original and recorded songs. They will perform alongside bands: Doggy & the Cool Catz, Gras Project and Pootie & the Saltfish.
Live at Planners Sports Bar in San Fernando.

Pop on the Rock continues to commit to professionally created live shows that feature local rock enthusiasts and musicians.
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