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Shalom T


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Malika Charles is a singer, songwriter and recording artiste from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She started her journey in music at the tender age of 6 while singing in the church choir with her mother. She has been writing songs since her teenage years and has written numerous songs within the gospel and calypso genres.

These include but are not limited to:

Gospel: Totally Surrendered, Dry Bones Are Coming Alive, The Shalom Medley,
Our God is Able, Yeshua Yahweh...
Calypso: Strive for Excellence, Functional Illiteracy, Put An End to Turf Rivalry and
We Go Bounce Back

As an artiste, she goes by the sobriquet, Shalom T. Her first song, It's Christmas Time, was released on 8th December 2023. This song was featured on The Arrival Christmas Riddim produced by Joshua Ali and Reuel Lynch. Her first single, Jesus Never Fail Me, was released on 16th January 2024.

"I believe music brings healing and soothes the heart. If I can touch at least one person along this journey, my purpose has been accomplished.
Life is too short to hide your God given talent."

Fun Fact: She is also a member the band Musica Del Corazon, a parang band from the community of Maraval.

Events: conferences, luncheons, graduation ceremonies, religious events, birthday and anniversary celebrations, weddings, school events, outreach events, etc.
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