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Ta’zyah O’Connor

Ta’zyah O’Connor


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Born on March 19, 2002 in Port of Spain Trinidad, Duane Ta’zyah O’Connor has always been a charismatic individual. Growing up in calypso and attaining a love for it, his music career began at the age of six at Newtown boys R.C. School where he copped five consecutive school titles at their schools calypso competition. He also entered into the National Parang competition under the guidance of Alicia Jaggassar in 2014, where he was crowned the best male vocalist.
In 2015 after writing his SEA exams and successfully passing for his school of choice, st. Mary’s college , he started his professional career under the name Ta’zyah O’Connor as he entered the National Junior calypso Monarch competition. In 2016 he sang Dear doctor and left the competition with 2nd place and best social commentary. Reentering in 2017 he left with; best north zone performer, most outstanding performance for his age group, best performer at semi finals and best nation building. Not stopping there he went on to capture the Njac jewels calypso competition crown. In the following year, 2018 he victoriously attained the title of being the National Junior Calypso Monarch and also winning the Njac pathfinders competition with his song Man of Integrity and went on to Barbados where he had the honor of being one of their guest performers at their national level competition and In both 2019 and 2020 he placed second.

While still attending st. Mary’s college, unbounded by his possibilities, he started a band by the name of STEEM , where he doubles as the bands lead vocalist and band leader .
Ta’zyah O’Connor has always been known to be one of sartorial elegance with music and a stage presence that blends the old school style with a modern twist that never disappointing his audience and always leaving them in ore. Ta’zyah has now embarked on his senior calypso level journey, he performed at the taste of carnival Dimanche Gras show and went on to being a semi finalist in the diamond jubilee calypso competition. In 2023 Ta’zyah made history on his first entry, Ta’zyah was accepted into Kaiso House Calypso tent, made it as a finalist in the Young Kings Calypso Monarch Competition where he placed 2nd and was crowned the National Calypso Monarch 2023 being the youngest to ever reign.
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