Artist Roster is now open, and it is only open to nationals of Trinidad and Tobago who are 18 years and older. All bookings, contracts, profiles, artists, venues, etc. will be on our online booking platform.

Please note that registration does not guarantee that a Venue will choose to book you, but it does ensure that you are seen as an available artist to be booked through our online booking platform.

MusicTT’s payment rates to the artist, is based on the first 20 minutes of performance. If the artist is booked to perform for longer than a 20-minute set, MusicTT will pay directly to the artist the fee due for the first 20 minutes and the venue, which hired the artist, will pay the additional performance time fee. Please note, additional fees/payments beyond the 20-minute set time will have to be negotiated directly by the artist with the venue.


 SOLOISTS, DUETS & TRIOSFirst 20 min. of Performance

 SMALL BAND (4-5 persons)First 20 mins. of Performance

 LARGE BAND (more than 5)First 20 min. of Performance

 TTD 1,000

 TTD 2,500

 TTD 3,500


MusicTT will pay for the first 20 minutes of an Artistes FIRST performance at all registered LMD venues at the base rates listed above. If a venue wishes to extend the first performance time beyond 20 minutes, the Venue will have to negotiate directly with and pay the additional performance fee due to the Artiste. If a Venue wants to rehire the same LMD Artiste for future performances during phase 4 of LMD, the venue will have to negotiate directly with the Artiste and PAY IN FULL the performance fee due. Venues can reserve the right to only book 20-minute performances. All other expenses (instruments, related instrument amps, etc.) are the responsibility of the Artiste. It is the responsibility of the Artiste to make all technical arrangements with the Venue.

MusicTT payments to artistes will be processed on a monthly basis. Once requested information for payment is submitted by the artist via the Invoice section on your AMPT profile by the 21st of the month, payment will be ready for collection on the 1st week of the following month.

Please note the following definitions:

  • Solo refers to one person, performing as a singer, instrumentalist or combination
  • Duet refers to two persons, performing as singers, instrumentalists or combination
  • Trio refers to 3 persons, performing as singers, instrumentalists or combination
  • Small Band refers to a total of 4-5 persons performing in any combination of singers or instrumentalists
  • Large band refers to 6 and more persons performing in any combination of singers or instrumentalists

Non-adherence to the LMD’s Terms and Conditions & LMD Performance Standards may result in the immediate removal of the Artist from the LMD Artist Roster. It is therefore important that you read the following instructions before proceeding:

  1. Please use a computer and not a mobile device to register as you will be prompted to upload data.
  2. The LMD Artist Performance Standards, and the LMD Artist Terms and Conditions – are your foundational resources in understanding the Live Music District as an Artist. Before proceeding with registration, please take the time to read through them. If you have any specific queries not addressed in these documents, email
  3. Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions as well as the Performance Standards of the LMD, it is time to create your online profile on AMPT.
  4. Before heading to the AMPT link, please see our Artist Checklist & Artist Registration Infographics below to ensure you have the following ready:

    Once you have the above covered, you can begin registration here: MusicTT LMD Artist Registration.Be sure to click “Artist” when you go to the AMPT Platform.

  5. Once you have completed this process, you will now be on the AMPT Roster