Music Sync is a rapidly growing revenue stream for composers and authors. Click HERE to download/view a list of over 100 companies who can help you license your music all over the world.

Keith Kirk is a dedicated music professional with over 15 years’ experience in the music business industry. Specializing in Music Metadata, Keith has launched a brand new music distribution service via his Motif Music Platform. Visit Motifmusic to sign up now and select a plan that works for you.

COTT is a collective music management organization dedicated to maximizing returns to its members and affiliates. Need a license for an event or to inquire about using a piece of music, visit COTT to find out more.

Contracts are essential in the current music ecosystem. MusicTT provides you with over 50 contract templates and examples that cover everything from Artist Management to Hospitality Riders

Disclaimer: Note well that this is not to be taken as legal advice. MusicTT recommends that independent legal advice should still be sought.

YouTube is the number one source for music consumption in Trinidad and Tobago. View the music charts for the islands and capitalize on the consumption trends affecting your music today!

Spotify is the number one source for music streaming in the world. The team at Spotify curates playlists of all types. This playlist curated by Spotify shows the top songs from Trinbagonian Artists being consumed all over the world.

Audiomack is a music streaming and distribution platform that allows artists to upload music and podcasts for listeners across its mobile apps and site.

Do you want access to a network of over 5000 Musicians, Artistes and music enthusiasts? The Trinidad & Tobago Music of All Types Facebook group is highly engaged and the feedback and networking potential is essential in today’s competitive music market.

There are over 50 million songs on Apple Music. This playlist  shows the current top 100 songs being played in Trinidad and Tobago. See what people are listening to and position yourself to break into the top 100!

The Artist Registry is a database of nationals of Trinidad and Tobago who operate within the creative sector. This initiative, launched in February 2011, has facilitated the development of the creative sector through the recognition and certification of the bona fide of individuals, organisations and creative productions.

Every band is different. Every artist has different needs. Make sure that in your next show, your voice is heard. Musicotec helps you do it by creating your technical rider.

David Stops’ “How to Make a Living from Music” is a guide designed for musicians and music professionals who wish to hone their knowledge of the music business.

Songtradr is intelligent music licensing. They connect real music from real artists with film, videos, major brands, video games and more. Sign up for free.

Music making, audio editing, loops, autotune, beat maker, all you need to create music free. It’s online and collaborative – sign up for your free account now!

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Sound like a pro without paying studio rates or learning complex plug-ins. Professional quality mastering, available 24/7, zero turnaround time & delivery in minutes. Mastered for Streaming. No-Fee Distribution. Hear An Instant Preview. Get Tracks on Spotify.

Just4gigs – The Just 4 Gigs online entertainment directory seeks to create a bridge between persons providing services in the entertainment industry of Trinidad and Tobago and their potential audience. By making it easier for someone to find a singer, songwriter, producers DJ or a musician, the chances of being of being hired for a gig is greater. To view or access the Just 4 Gigs Online Entertainment Directory, visit HERE


Harvester IP Marketplace – Harvester is an online marketplace where trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright or non-fungible tokens can be bought, sold, licensed and even funded! This platform can be used by artistes, song-writers, producers, managers or musicians in the entertainment industry in pursuit of monetizing their musical works through licensing. To view of access the Harvester IP Marketplace, visit HERE


Having a one stop link for all your music streaming locations and platforms to purchase your music is essential. You can use Songwhip to create this landing page for free. To access it visit HERE

TikTok is the fastest growing platform for music discovery and growing your fanbase online. Access their free 2022 Artist handbook to navigate the platform for maximum effect as a musician/artist. To download click HERE

Every generation has its share of creatives that battle with mental health and addiction. Live Nation funded an industry guide to Anxiety Relief & Self Isolation published by the Music Industry Therapists & Coaches. The Association for Electronic Music also released a Mental Health Guide.