We gave you RVRB the webinar series, now we’ve launched RVRB the Experience!!!

The first incarnation of the RVRB Experience was brought to you via live streaming which featured a variety of sessions that allowed attendees to explore music trends, discover music companies, find out what’s been happening in the Caribbean and the wider world of music and, of course, discover new artistes. This event is an annual one!

The Experience featured several Speakers, Panels, Networking and Performances which took place from September 29th to October 1st, 2021

2021 Theme: The Future is Bright!

2020 was a crazy and life-changing year due to COVID-19! When it began, the position of the music industry was uncertain. As we progress through 2021, it’s time for some damage assessment. What do we need to focus on next? Let’s look to the future…

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RVRB Experience 2021

2021 Featured Speakers

Kate Durio

CEO – North America, Sound Diplomacy

Keith Kirk

 Music Metadata Curator, Motif Music Services

Sonja Norwood

 Entertainment Manager (Music, TV & Film), Consultant

Chester Wilkins

ISRC/UPC Manager

Marcus Braveboy

Artist, Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur

Speakers came from 8 countries


“great panels … I learned alot”

“excellent contributions and insightful gems”

“Much thanks and appreciation to MusicTT for making this happen”

RVRB Experience would like to thank the following Partner companies for 2021:

Meet the team

Melissa Jimenez
MusicTT General Manager

Mariella de Gannes
MusicTT Project Officer

Maarten Manmohan
MusicTT Project Officer

Josanne Lord
CreativeTT Marketing and Communications Manager

Jillene Allan-Spilijard
CreativeTT Marketing Officer

Lily Kwok
CreativeTT Marketing Assistant

Samuel Surughlal
CreativeTT IT Officer

Dominique Roy
Volunteer, Media Liaison