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The Music Imbizo 2020

MusicTT is part of The Music Imbizo 2020!

The Music Imbizo is a fast-growing international music business conference and exhibition held annually in Durban, South Africa. The 2020 edition will be held online with the theme ‘African unity – The real currency’.

Responding to the new reality, The Music Imbizo 2020 will be a fully virtual conference. They are taking the best parts of what makes The Music Imbizo great and creating a conferencing experience that will live fully online from Wednesday 26 August till Saturday 29 August 2020. The conference hosts various music industry stakeholders in one arena to map new and exciting ways for advancement of the music industry. It is a platform to exhibit, network and share expertise and knowledge.

MusicTT’s Chairman, Mr John Arnold, will be part of the panel Protection of Copyright – The Role of Intellectual Property In Economic Growth on Wed 26th August 12 pm SAST (6 am Wed 26th August local time).


MusicTT’s General Manager, Melissa Jimenez, will also be a Panelist at The Music Imbizo on the Women In Music Roundtable ‪on Friday 28 August 3 pm SAST (9 am Fri 28th August local time).



The Caribbean will have 5 companies participating in The Music Imbizo – Exhibition. 1 from Jamaica and 4 from Trinidad and Tobago. Present alongside MusicTT are the following companies:

ASPIRE Agency is a registered artiste and event company founded and managed by Afiya Cunningham since 2014. The acronym ASPIRE stands for:

Artiste Management
Stage Management
Image Consultancy
Reservations and Bookings
Event Management

The company consist of all the elements listed above and provides a well-balanced, effective and efficient promotional package for artiste and events. ASPIRE Agency is the answer to arranged a well-organized event and to bring about a well-managed artiste within the Christian fraternity. Regarding Artiste Management, Aspire Agency currently manages Curtis Jordan and manages bookings for Ayanah Gordan Wallace.

The organizations have worked with some regional gospel artiste and most of the gospel artiste of Trinidad and Tobago by hosting their tours, album launches, concerts, fundraisers and other similar events.


Augustus “Gussie” Clarke was born in rural Jamaica on March 26, 1954. In 1972, the seasoned 18-year-old launched his record producing career. His first artiste was the legendary pioneer DeeJay U-Roy, who recorded a single entitled “The Higher The Mountain”. This track marked the official beginning of Gussie’s long term love affair with music and helped him establish himself as one of the top producers of all time that Jamaica had to offer.

To great success, Clarke produced several artists off the following Rumours aka Telephone Love one riddim compilation and generated heavy Jamaican radio rotation off other tracks showcased on the Music Works Showcase ’88 release. Some of the notable hits from this creative era include “Telephone Love” by J.C. Lodge, “Just A Little Bit Longer” by Maxi Priest, “Twice My Age” by Shabba Ranks and Krystal, “Rumours” by Gregory Isaacs, Two Wicked album by Aswad and Mr. Loverman by Shabba Ranks.

The year 2016 saw the rebranding of the Anchor Group of companies. This evolution gave birth to the Gussie Clarke Music Group. The Gussie Clarke Music Group has five companies that covers opportunities and development through partnership for songwriters and creators of music (PitchWorks Music), music publishing (Dub Plate Music Publishers), recording studios (Anchor Recording Studios), media duplication and packaging (Anchor Media Products & Services) and online mixing and mastering (Anchor Mix and Mastering). Gussie continues to oversee the daily operation of these companies.


Tova Group, is a branding, digital marketing and music services company based in Trinidad and Tobago; representing music and branding for some of the world’s most prolific artists, songwriters and producers.

TOVA was founded by CEO, Josh Rudder with the purpose of creating a fair and rewarding music industry by allowing songwriters, artists, recording owners and publishers the ability to advance and maximize their careers. TOVA also has a fully equipped photography studio and is responsible for the branding and imaging of several major recording artists throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Josh is a Marketing & Branding Strategist with over 2 years of experience as an entrepreneur and corporate executive in several industries. He is the founder of the Tova Group; a branding, digital marketing and music services company based in Trinidad and Tobago. Josh is the former CEO of the Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT); Trinidad & Tobago, premier collective management organisation.


Ambitious Media Productions was founded by Jabari Winchester in 2011. They work for Productions Houses/ Indie- Record Labels, Songwriters, And Self Publishers. Core Services include:

1. YOUTUBE CONTENT ID – They find videos on YouTube using your audio content without a license, authorizes YouTube to place ads on them and gets you back a percentage of the revenue.
2. PUBLISHING ADMINISTRATION – Register your copyright & recording worldwide, collects royalties from leading streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud and more.
3. DIGITAL CAMPAIGN MARKETING/ LABEL & ARTIST SERVICES – They empower their Labels & Artist to reach and understand their fans all over the world.
4. DIGITIAL DISTRIBUTION – They deliver to the best digital services providers worldwide, with a variety of partners including the world’s most popular dedicated download, streaming and video services. They currently partner with over 50 of the biggest digital platforms.
5. MEDIA PRODUCTION – Full Audio and Video Production Services
6. CATALOG MANAGEMENT – No more missing metadata and rights information. They manage your Songs, Recordings, and Release information. Collect and save metadata, assets, publishing splits, track credits and other details about your music.